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At Crescent Tek, we understand the technology requirements of automotive dealerships and for over 15 years we have implemented solutions to meet the wide range of automotive IT demands for small local dealers to Fortune 500 groups across the country.

Automotive IT Solutions in New Orleans

Technology has revolutionized the automotive industry, with advancements allowing dealerships to track customer lifecycles thru a DMS (Dealership Management Software), expedite the creation of service tickets from a tablet, or to streamline the car buying process on a mobile device.

With the right automotive IT team supporting your dealership and through increased productivity these scalable technology advances can directly affect your bottom line.

Most IT firms don’t understand the auto industry – they are unaccustomed to shared department computers; communication requirements through departments like sales, service, & parts; and communications with your DMS along with your regional dealer network and OEM brand systems.

Our extensive experience with auto dealerships allows our customers to focus on growing their dealerships instead of stressing about technology downtime and outages, PCI compliance, or meeting an OEM’s new technology and security requirements.

In many cases, we help automotive clients improve efficiencies and reduce risk by spending IT budgets more effectively. Maximize your dealerships technology infrastructure, contact Crescent Tek for your Automotive IT Needs Assessment.

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