Backup & Disaster Recovery

At Crescent Tek, we believe backup and disaster recovery (DR) protocols are a necessity. No business is immune from system failure or data loss. Whether due to human negligence, natural disaster, power failure or cyber attack, all businesses need to be prepared in the event tragedy strikes.

With our managed data backup and disaster recovery systems in place, your business will minimize downtime – allowing for an expedited return to business following an accident or disaster.

IT Disaster recovery planning isn’t a one-and-done exercise. We assist in defining your needs through documentation and testing recovery processes on an on-going basis to keep pace with IT and changes in your business.

You need a fully-functional copy of your environment – not just the servers they run on – to be easily accessible allowing you to recover applications, data and workloads after a disruptive event. The traditional way of preparing for disaster recovery – physically moving data off-site on tapes – is outdated. Our cloud-based disaster recovery provides numerous advantages over the traditional approach.

Cloud-based disaster recovery provides for a more economical pay-as-you-go model, utilizing a functionally unlimited capacity and the flexibility of cloud storage. This simultaneous integration of your off-site backup and recovery solution utilizing cloud-storage allows your business to remain operational with complete confidence in your technology infrastructure.

Crescent Tek offers advanced integrations to ensure your IT Backup Solutions and Data Recovery (DR) plans are fully functional for business continuity following a natural or manmade disaster.

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